Four Modernisations

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B1 - Study hard and prepare to devote your efforts to socialist modernisation B4 - The whole country surges with joy celebrating the Four Modernisations, millions march with one heart on a Long March B11 - Pay attention to culture, devote yourself to the Four Modernisations B8 - Let's think about what we have done for the Four Modernisations B9 - Good news travels 1000 miles and warms 10,000 familes B5 - Science is a productive force B10 - The future beckons B7 - Produce more without waste, to achieve the Four Modernizations every person must contribute more to the motherland B2 - The melody of youth: The spirit of excellence
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B2 - The melody of youth: The spirit of excellence

Apr 1981
Size: 787 x 1092
Place of Publication:Shanghai People’s Fine Art Publishing House
Date of Publication:Apr 1981
Artist:Shen Shaolun
Distributor:Xinhua Bookshop Shanghai
Printer:Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Factory
Price:0.16 yuan
Serial Number:8081.3536