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A98 - Take root in the border area

Nov 1973
Two panels about educated youths going to the countryside. On the left, a yound man holding 'Red Flag' magainze ('红旗‘) stands with a woman in ethnic minority dress reading Mao's 'On Practice', and a young girl who has a picture of Lei Feng (雷锋) and a sign that says 'Study Culture, Speak Philosophy' (学文化, 讲哲学). On the right, a girl wearing an apron holds a pen and notebook. She stands with an old peasant man who holds an ear or corn, and a young boy. Agricultural abundance in the background.
Place of Publication:Yunnan People's Publishing House
Date of Publication:Nov 1973
Artist:Zhao Chang'an, Huang Yunyu
Distributor:Yunnan Province Xinhua Bookstore
Printer:Yunnan Province Xinhua Printing Factory
Price:0.11 yuan
Serial Number:8116.605 (对开)